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We offerusers a free support hotline via email. Please send your question to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Members have the option to contact us via system chat through the message center in their account at

Companies can reach the keywaa®-Sales by mail:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to many questions:

22How can I create my own keywaa®-IDs create and manage?

To create and manage your own IDs you need an keywaa®-Account.

You can easily create one using the free registration:

  1. Enter your e-mail address and your desired password in the registration form.
  2. Pay attention to the confirmation mail and click on the activation link.

To create and keywaa®-IDs and manage them, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to your keyvaa® account at the top right corner via or
  2. Create as many of your own keywaa-IDs- in your account with CREATE NEW keyvaa®-ID.

1How many IDs may I generate?

You may create as many IDs as you like!

However, the number of new IDs monthly is limited in the plan keywaa® FREE is limited to 100 IDs per month. From the first day of the new month you can create another 100 IDs.

If you are an entrepreneur and you need a lot of IDs, we recommend you to create a keywaa® Business plan.

2Is my personal data secure?

Protecting your data is very important to us. Therefore, we do everything to protect this data:

  • Your IP address is anonymized. We only save the first three of four number blocks and cannot draw any conclusions about individual users.
  • When you register, we only collect your e-mail address. We cannot do without this because we need a reliable way to communicate with you.
  • Your e-mail address and all personal data are transmitted and stored in our database in encrypted form in order to disguise the data in the event of an attack.
  • Your email address is known only to us. Your email will not be shared with any third party. The communication between you and a user is done by anonymous system mail address.
  • Additional personal data collected during a store order, such as your address data, is stored in a separate store database.
  • The system, databases and programs are stored on servers in Germany. Learn more about the data protection commitment of our partner Hetzner Online.

3Is keywaa free really free?

ID Only and other basic apps are a basic component of keywaa FREE . This tariff is and remains free of charge for all members and users. Both the registration, as well as the generation of IDs and the use of the system according to our terms of use. Chargeable tariffs and Apps are explicitly marked and must be ordered before use.

4What may I use the IDs for?

keywaa® IDs you may use for private and business purposes free of charge,.

If you keywaa®-IDs to produce and sell your own products, you need a license. Basis for this is the product keywaa® ID Blocks.

5Is the keywaa system available for a lifetime?

We have keywaa® developed to run it forever and do everything to keep it that way.

For reasons of seriousness we grant for keywaa® FREE-IDs an availability guarantee of the keywaa®-Portal of 2 years from ID generation and for keywaa® Business-IDs an availability guarantee of 5 years from purchase.

6Do I have to be registered at keywaa to contact an owner?

No, the only thing we need from you, so that you can contact us, is your e-mail address. However, this is only known to us, you are and remain anonymous to the owner. After contacting us, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link (double opt-in), which you must confirm in order for your message to be sent to the owner. You will receive replies from the owner by mail, to which you simply reply by mail as well. The mail traffic is done via anonymous system e-mail addresses, so that your e-mail address and that of the owner remain secret.

7How do I get my things back if I have lost them?

Should you ever lose your keywaa® marked property, the finder can contact you simply by scanning the QR code or by entering the keywaa®-ID and you can clarify the return. However, you should keep in mind that keywaa® is no guarantee that you will get your stuff back. If no finder contacts you, it is out of our hands.

8Is keywaa sustainable?

Protecting the environment is very important to us, so we have developed a system with keywaa® Lost & Found we have developed a system so that items can find their way back to their owners and do not have to be purchased again. In addition, by using keywaa®-Apps you get to your destination without detours, because you use purely digital processes and avoid driving distances and printing out paper. In addition, we made a conscious decision to host the keywaa®-Servers at Hetzner Online. Hetzner Online uses electricity from renewable sources to power the servers in its data center parks. More info on Hetzner’s environmental responsibility.

9Do I have to buy accessories in the store to use keywaa?

No! Of course you can also attach the keywaa®-ID on your items by hand or with self-printed labels. However, it makes sense to use a robust keywaa®-However, it makes sense to use a robust key fob or waterproof labels, because the ID is better protected against fading and the marking can not be lost so quickly.

10What can I protect with keywaa Lost & Found protect?

With keywaa® Lost & Found you can really protect everything you want. The sturdy keychains can be attached not only to your keys, but also to bags and other objects that have a suitable hook. The acid-resistant and waterproof foil stickers stick to almost anything, whether it’s skateboards, SUP boards or other everyday objects or sports equipment. For textiles, we have the textile stamp, which is especially interesting for children who often lose clothes, such as jackets or scarves. Alternatively, the keywaa®–ID card can be inserted everywhere. For more information just visit our store!

11Can I also mark my cat/dog?

Of course, the keywaa®-Tags can also be attached to pet collars. The advantage of this is that your pet does not have to be taken to the vet or animal shelter first so that the chip can be read and the animal can find its way back home. With keywaa® the finder can contact you directly, which saves money, time and stress for everyone involved.

12What is the advantage of keywaa Lost & Found over GPS tracking devices?

Of course, with GPS tracking devices you have a higher chance of finding your devices again, because you are not dependent on the finder. But they also cost much more and are dependent on power sources. The accessories for keywaa®-IDs are much cheaper and can be used for several items (e.g. the textile stamp). If you want to handwrite your IDs, the use of these is even completely free.

13Can the keywaa pendants be customized?

In our store are currently only the standard pendants in black available. If you are interested in personalized keywaa®-Products, e.g. to use them as promotional gifts, please contact us!

14Why would anyone give me back my key?

Of course, we cannot guarantee that a finder will return your things to you, but we appeal to the good side of people and hope that all finders also recognize the mission to return lost things.

After all, everyone is happy when lost items are returned to you. The advantage of keywaa® is that the return is easy and fast, which makes it more likely that a finder will pick up your key, for example, and decide to take care of it. Moreover, the reward in the form of a „thank you“ and shining eyes is direct and personal.

15Why keywaa? A simple label with name and phone number does it also!

Would you put a tag with your name on your key?

Imagine someone picks it up and they know who you are and where you live. Sure, you can be lucky and the person is a friend and gives you back the key. But it can also be someone who is not well-disposed towards you and he now uses it to pay you a visit when you are not at home.

Doesn’t sound so good, does it? With keywaa® you are on the safe side, because the finder does not get any information about your person and your place of residence. The identities of owner and finder remain completely anonymous until they decide to disclose information themselves.

16How does a finder know to scan the QR code?

QR codes have become a familiar medium. Curiosity alone makes a finder scan the code. He then receives clear instructions on how to proceed on his smartphone.

In addition, the tags contain clear instructions or call-to-actions that prompt a finder to take action.

If you create your markers yourself, be sure to include these call-to-action instructions.

Of course, the best thing would be if everyone keywaa® and knows the idea behind it. You can help us with this. Tell in your circle of relatives and friends about keywaa® and help that keywaa® becomes known worldwide.

17What is the difference between keywaa-ID only and keywaa-Lost & Found?

ID only is the basic functionality of the portal, on which Lost & Found is built. ID only offers the possibility to easily generate IDs and provide QR codes that you can use for your purposes.

Lost & Found uses this IDs, so that finders of lost items can contact the owner anonymously.

In the future, more applications will be added, all based on ID only based. Feel free to check out all the already available ones, as well as the upcoming ones here Apps.

18Will there be more Apps to come?

Yes! We are constantly trying to expand our app offer. Please inform yourself about already existing Apps and about Roadmap.

You have an idea for an keywaa®-Application? Great! Then we would be very happy if you send us your wishes and ideas via keywaa® send us your ideas.

19Why should I as a manufacturer include keywaa in my products?

The answer to this is quite simple: you can create a new keywaa®–ID Blocks you can increase the value of your products and advertising materials and thus make your customers more satisfied.

Let’s take the following example: For promotional purposes, you distribute key chains with your company logo to customers. How many customers will really wear this keychain on their key ring? With keywaa®–Lost & Found your customers will be motivated to wear the keychain with your logo, otherwise the protection against loss will not be there.

In addition, your customers will be happier because their key is now better protected in case of loss.

20Which of my own projects can I implement with keywaa?

With keywaa®– Custom App we respond to your personal requirements and wishes. The best thing is to get in touch with us and arrange an initial free consultation. Together we will see to what extent your dream project can be implemented.

21Can I also protect people with keywaa?

Specifically for the protection of children and people in need of help, we have developed the keywaa® SOS Card (from Q1 2023). This will involve a wristband that gives people access to information so they can help those in need. Whether children have lost their parents or a person suffering from dementia can no longer find their way home, with the keywaa®-SOS Card, information on contact persons, allergies, medications and much more can be stored. To do this, the QR code on the front and the security pin on the back of the wristband must now be scanned to prevent unwanted persons from gaining access.