keywaa®-Terms of use

keywaa® is an ID marking system, which allows access to different applications (Apps) via worldwide unique IDs. The keywaa®-Portal is made available via the domains, and various keywaa.TLD domains.

Welcome to keywaa®!

Nice to have you here. With the use of keywaa® you agree to these terms of use / general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to the use of our websites and, Apps and other software, objects and devices we provide as part of this service. Provider of the keywaa®-Services is REIMEDIA GmbH, with its registered office in Hamm, Federal Republic of Germany. You can always find the latest version of these Terms of Use at https://

The use of this service is governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Please also note our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.


At the beginning of these terms we explain a few technical terms to you, so that you always understand what we are writing about:

  • Account = access data (username and password) to the keywaa®-Portal
  • Member = registered keywaa®-User and therefore owner of unique IDs.
  • User = a user interacting with an ID.
  • ID interaction = 1) QR scan with smartphone; 2) ID entry in portal; 3) URL call to a KYW URL
  • KYW URL = short web address of the type „“ or vanity URL
  • Vanity URL = KYW URL with plain name instead of ID in the URL of the type „“
  • Portal = the websites and softwares under all keywaa®-Domains:,, country TLDs
  • Markers = objects used for marking objects with keywaa®-IDs, such as tags, stickers, bracelets, etc.
  • Provider = Developer and operator of the keywaa®-System is REIMEDIA GmbH with headquarters in 59073 Hamm, Germany.

Available Apps

keywaa® is being permanently expanded; currently the Lost&Found system is available. Three more Apps will be added in Q4 2022 and an SOS app in Q1 2023. In addition, individual customerApps are developed in the project business.

  • keywaa® ID Only (available)
    ID Only forms the basic functionality of the keywaa®-Portal. Members can generate and manage any number of globally unique IDs. These IDs can be placed by printer labels or handwritten at things of each kind and be assigned to the available Apps.
  • keywaa® Lost & Found (available)
    Objects of any kind can be marked with keywaa®-IDs can be marked. In the event of loss, a finder can contact the owner via ID interchange. Throughout the process, the identities of the owner and finder remain anonymous.
  • keywaa® ID Blocks (available)
    This app is aimed at manufacturers. The licensing of ID contingents offers the possibility for the production of own products incl. an availability guarantee of the keyvaa® system extended to 5 years.
  • keywaa® Custom App (Project business)
    In the project business we realize individual solutions. After ID interaction a device specific app is started. With a Custom App you can e.g. organize the rental management of devices or control individual business applications.
  • keywaa® Magic Link (available Q4/2022)
    Magic Links shortens long website URLs to a 15-character URL. Alternatively, a Magic Link redirect to other keyvaa®-Apps. In the manager you get statistics about the number of magic link calls.
  • keywaa® Access Control (available Q4/2022)
    This app enables access control. Via the keyvaa® app, the QR codes of visitors are scanned and their access authorization is visualized. keyvaa® Access Control is suitable for in-house Apps, as well as a basis for ticketing systems.
  • keywaa® Micro Site (available Q1/2023)
    This simple website builder allows you to create and publish simple websites. With the editor you can compile text, images, videos and link buttons and fill them with content. Micro sites are suitable for creating product pages with info and links to manuals or providing digital business cards, for example.
  • keywaa® SOS Card (available Q1/2023)
    After the ID interaction, the user is prompted to enter a security PIN. This PIN is located on the back of the SOS marker, so no scan can be done „on the fly“. After successful PIN verification, the information stored by the owner (e.g., contact person, place of residence, allergies, health information) is displayed to the user.
  • keywaa® Device Manager (available Q3/2023)
    The keywaa® Device Manager is an app for inventorying and managing devices of all kinds. For example, an authorized user can enter an in-house consumable order via Device Manager. Purchasing receives an overview of all keywaa®-Portal an overview of all open orders per supplier.

By registering on the keywaa®-Portal, members agree to accept and abide by these terms of use without restriction or reservation.

The use of keywaa®

To use the system for your own administration of IDs you need a user account (Account). When you use the keywaa®-System, retrieve ID information or otherwise interact with IDs, you may do so without registering or creating an account.

If you wish to create an account, you must be 16 years old or have the consent of your legal guardian(s). You may only create an account for yourself. You are responsible for your account, the use according to these conditions and the secrecy of the access data.

By creating an account, you agree to abide by these terms and allow us to store and process your data in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation.

Only your e-mail address is required for registration. This is stored encrypted in our database and serves us to clearly assign your IDs and your communication contributions. In addition, we will send you an info mail once a month on average, exclusively with the latest information, tips & tricks and promotions for the keywaa®-System. This info mail serves in particular to check your e-mail availability. This is the only way for Finder and you to communicate. If your e-mail is not available, we will send you a system message, which you can read in the keywaa®-Manager. In case of unavailability you have to check your e-mail address and change it if necessary. Your e-mail address will not be given to third parties without explicit permission.

Scope of services and right of use

The keywaa®-System is used to inventory and mark things of any kind. Members can generate and manage as many keywaa®-IDs for the above Apps generate and manage.

The keywaa®-System may only be used for the Apps outlined in the User Agreement and offered through the System. Any misuse by overloading, hacking or other malicious violations by manual or technical means will be detected, documented and reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. In the event of such a violation, any right to use the keywaa®-Services expires immediately.

keywaa®-IDs may only be used privately and commercially for your own purposes, i.e. for yourself or your own company. Any further commercial use of keywaa®-IDs, especially for the production of own products, requires the explicit licensing by the provider. In case of a violation of this license provision, the tenfold list price for ID Blocks is considered as agreed.

You may keywaa® use the content of this website only within the framework of these terms of use and in compliance with all legal regulations. Texts, images and communication contributions may not violate any laws, harass or harm other persons or violate any other rules of reasonable coexistence. The netiquette must be observed.

The keywaa®-System allows you to define link names and link targets at different places. You may only use link names that do not violate the rights of third parties – especially name and trademark rights. Links and redirections are only allowed to websites, Apps, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., which are in your possession or to which you are explicitly entitled to refer.

Your content

You are only allowed to put your own texts, pictures, videos and other content into the keywaa®-System, or content for which you are authorized to use. The rights of third parties may not be violated, this applies in particular to copyright, trademark law, and the law against unfair competition. Your content may not violate any laws, violate privacy, harass, deceive or misinform any person. For certain Apps, we require that you provide an imprint.

By entering your content, you allow us to make it publicly available as part of an app assignment. Content that is marked as „internal“ in the system will not be published.

The keywaa®-System

The keywaa®-System is our property. You receive a limited, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use within the scope of your account, but you do not acquire ownership of the keywaa®-System or individual components. Content from the keywaa®-System, the name, the logo and the trademark may only be used with our express consent.

Our fees

keywaa® is offered in different tariffs (plans).

keywaa® FREE is free for life and includes the keywaa®-Portal incl. user registration, access to a user account as well as the creation and administration of any number of keywaa®-IDs. Likewise, communication between the member and users is and remains free of charge. keywaa® Lost & Found is with its basic functionality in keywaa® FREE included free of charge.

Additional chargeable Apps, options, services or products are clearly marked in price and must be ordered explicitly. We reserve the right to change prices for these additional Apps, options, services and products at any time at our discretion.

Access to the keywaa®-Service

To generate own keywaa®-IDs an account is required. An account can be requested via registration form after entering the e-mail address and a desired password. By confirming an activation link sent by e-mail after registration, the account is activated and can be used. All transmitted access data to the keywaa®-System must be kept strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties. If a member becomes aware or suspects that access data has become known to third parties, the member must immediately issue a new password and, if necessary, ask the provider for assistance. The provider reserves the right to deactivate accounts at any time if it believes that the member is not complying with any provision of these terms of use. A legal claim to access to the keywaa®-System does not exist. A claim for refund, reduction or compensation due to a deactivation because of a violation of these terms of use is excluded.

User data and data protection

The protection of our members‘ and users‘ data is very important to us. Therefore, we only store personal data that is absolutely necessary for the operation of this service.

The use of the keywaa®-Portal for the creation and management of keywaa-IDs including the associated object data requires an account. We store the e-mail addresses of members and users as a unique key. These serve us for the allocation of keywaa®-IDs and communication contributions between the provider, the members and the users. E-mail addresses are stored and used exclusively for this purpose. They are stored encrypted in the database, not published and of course not disclosed to third parties. The communication between members and users takes place via an anonymized e-mail system, the actual e-mail addresses are not shown to third parties.

Owners and users do not have to provide their real names and addresses within the framework of portal use. However, when making a purchase in our online store, they are required for billing and shipping purposes. Names and addresses are stored in encrypted form in a separate database on an external server. After the legal retention period, this data is automatically deleted.

System availability, warranty and liability

We always strive for a smooth and time unlimited operation of all keywaa®-Services including the websites. When using free IDs we guarantee a system availability of 2 years, when using paid IDs this guarantee is extended to 5 years. We reserve the right to extend, change or limit the services we offer. We are not liable for any damages resulting from the unavailability of services keywaa®-Services.

Furthermore, we do not guarantee the success of the system, such as lost and found. With keywaa® we only provide a system that allows finders to anonymously contact the owners of an keywaa®-ID to get in contact. If this contact attempt does not take place, this is not within our sphere of influence.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we hereby expressly disclaim any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered by any member or user in connection with the keywaa®-Service or in connection with the use, inability to use, or the results of use of the Service keywaa®-Service.


The use of the keywaa®-System including all Apps and areas is at your own risk. We make no warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, warranties of availability, fitness for a particular purpose, performance or data loss. You are responsible for your own content and the backup of your content. We are also not liable for any damage caused by downloading or using any keywaa®-Apps or software. You indemnify us from all claims that arise from your use of the keywaa®-Services – also on the part of third parties. Our liability is limited to a maximum of the fees you have paid to us at the time of the claim.

Modification of the Terms of Use

We may revise these Terms of Use at any time by amending this page. We expect members and users to check this page periodically to be aware of any changes. Some of the provisions contained in these Terms of Use may also be superseded or supplemented by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the keywaa®-Websites may be superseded or supplemented by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the Websites.


REIMEDIA is the owner of the keywaa®-System including all components as well as the trademarks registered with the German Trademark and Patent Office keywaa® and „keywaa“.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Place of performance and jurisdiction is, as far as legally permitted, Hamm Westf. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively.

Final provisions

If provisions of these terms of use are or become invalid, they will be replaced by such provisions that are legally permissible and come as close as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid provisions.

All contracts with REIMEDIA are based on the General Terms and Conditions of REIMEDIA GmbH, which can be viewed at Once these have been accepted, they shall apply even if they have not been explicitly referred to in subsequent orders.

Hamm, February 9, 2023