Lost & Found System

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With the keywaa® Lost & Found system you can mark your property so that people who find it can easily contact you.

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keywaa Lost & Found System
keywaa Lost & Found System

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Losses in Germany: According to Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR, around 6% of all suitcases are lost. according to Bitkom, 40 % have already lost a cell phone.
82,000 cats and 31,000 dogs escape every year according to Tasso e.V.. According to Allianz, a key is lost every 35 minutes and the keywaa team drinks almost 5,000 cups of coffee every year

keywaa® Lost & Found brings you back your property

Get lost items back directly

Thanks to keywaa® Lost & Found lost things and runaway pets quickly find their way back to the owner.

Playback even without battery

keywaa® Lost & Found works without power. Thus, even a cell phone with an empty battery can be returned.

Preservation of your anonymity

Your identity remains anonymous and this prevents a dishonest „finder“ from finding out your address and paying you an uninvited visit.

Encryption of your data

Your data will be transmitted and stored encrypted. For registration we only need your e-mail address.

simply explained in 60 seconds

keywaa® is simple

Everyone knows QR codes and what to do with them. After the QR code scan, you can chat anonymously with the owner and internationally. Because the finder portal speaks 16 languages, so everyone can use it.

keywaa® is secure

keywaa Lost & Found is made in GermanyNo personal data is collected – except for the e-mail address. Communication between finder and owner takes place via anonymous e-mail addresses. Name, address and e-mail remain secret.

keywaa® is free of charge

The keywaa®-Lost & Found system is and remains free of charge, because you can create, download and print QR labels yourself. Only the professional markers in the store cost a one-time fee. There are no running costs.

Aluminum trailer top rated

keywaa Lost & Found Anhänger wurde von REISEMOBIL INTERNATIONAL mit SEHR GUT bewertetkeywaa Lost & Found Anhänger wurde von CAMPING, CARS & CARAVANS mit SEHR GUT bewertet

keywaa® is direct

At keywaa, finder and owner communicate directly with each other – from person to person and thus without detour via a lost and found office or animal shelter. This shortens waiting times and makes retrieval easier.

keywaa® works

We know that keywaa® works because in our field trials, over 50% of lost keys were returned to us within 48 hours.

keywaa® Lost & Found helps

Do you have any questions about the offer and operation of keywaa®? Then use our help section. Maybe yours can be answered already:

In addition, users can keywaa®-Users can chat with our support in the manager.


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