The base keywaa® ID only

keywaa®-ID only comprises the basic functionality of the keywaa®-Portals

keywaaHere you can register free of charge and then log in to your keywaa®-Account. Here you can then generate, manage and assign as many worldwide unique keywaa®-IDs generate, manage and assign to Apps. Currently this app is available:

More Apps will be added regularly. Please inform yourself about the Roadmap about upcoming applications.

What can I do with keywaa®-IDs do?

With your self created keywaa®-IDs you can mark all the things you love and want to get back in case of loss. For marking you have these options:

  • A keywaa®-Download QR code in the account, print it on paper or labels and place it on the appropriate things.
  • The keywaa®-URL like „“ by handwriting or using labels you have created yourself.
  • Buy sturdy and durable tags, labels and stamps for marking in keywaa® store. For store items you can even design the keywaa®-ID yourself and write the eight-digit ID individually in the style „“.