keywaa® Business connects worlds

The ID provider keywaa® hosts unique ID codes worldwide and connects them with digital applications and information across industries and systems.

In the course of the Digital Transformation, companies are optimizing processes and services to respond to the changing demands of customers and business partners. The motivations and challenges are diverse, such as:

  • Product enhancement with digital added values to improve the customer experience.
  • Optimizing processes to drive efficiency and profitability.
  • Providing digital applications to increase customer loyalty.
  • Creating interfaces for machine-to-machine communication.
  • Improving documentation and project management.


  • worldwide unique IDs
  • SaaS out of the Box
  • Custom-Apps possible
  • Anonymous communication
  • ID-Interation statistics
  • high data protection
  • made in Germany
  • ID quotas via API
  • 16-language manager
  • Provider & server in DE
  • favorable tariff models

keywaa® is a central system for generating and managing globally unique IDs. Via the keywaa®– IDs Manager, digital applications (keywaa®-Apps) can be assigned. For example, attach keywaa®-QR Coes on products, shelves, entrance areas or on tickets and manage and update the landing pages displayed after a smartphone scan via the keywaa®-Manager in real time. Here are a few deployment examples for keywaa®-QR codes:

  • Product label: extended product info, tutorial videos, link to support forum.
  • E-charging station: link to charging portal, customer survey or hotline phone number.
  • Lost & Foundanonymous property marking of keys, Euroboxes, tools and much more.
  • Event: Simple admission control without complex ticketing.
  • Conference room: Occupancy information and access to reservation system.
  • Marketing: Tracking of QR code scans in advertisements and on shop windows.
  • Business cards: vCard/VCF data is always up-to-date. Reprinting is not required.


  • Apps as Software as a Service
  • multifunctional QR codes
  • Real-time QR code updates
  • ID quotas for own Apps
  • low investment & SaaS tariffs
  • fast availability
  • favorable unique IDs
  • API accessibility
  • german provider

keywaa® provides various Apps for applications in industry, trade, commerce, gastronomy and the healthcare sector on a rental basis (Software as a Service, SaaS). In addition, a wide range of applications can be implemented as custom apps. Due to the SaaS approach keywaa®-Apps inexpensive, powerful and fast available.

Let’s talk about your digitization project:

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  • 25 years in online business
  • well-rehearsed team of developers
  • Web publishing
  • Database publishing
  • Web-Development
  • E-commerce systems
  • Interfaces & Plugins
  • Custom Software Web & App
  • hundreds of SME projects
  • Headquarters: Hamm (Westphalia)

keywaa®-Industry examples

Use the keywaa®-System for your company!

Whether as a revenue generator, for inventory marking, as access control, for in-house ordering or for a completely individual solution, together we will develop your own keywaa® Custom App to solve your problem.

Useful keywaa®– Apps is already included in the basic tariff, additional ones can be booked or developed individually for you. If you want to produce and distribute your own products on the basis of the keywaa®-System, we will provide you with ID quotas in the form of keywaa® blocks.


With a keywaa® QR code on your product packaging, you increase the user experience sustainably. In real time, you can keep the landing page of each product up to date and provide your customers with access to manuals, video tutorials, support forums, the hotline phone number and the appropriate reorders and spare parts in the online store. The application of your products will be more understandable, ambiguities will be eliminated and material will be saved.


Retailers offers keywaa® an innovative and useful product with which they can additionally inspire their customers.

Are you a bicycle retailer? Then offer your customers a high-quality aluminum key fob customized with your logo incl. keywaa® Lost & Found system after the purchase of a new e-bike. In this way, you show that you care about your customers – even after the purchase.


Materials or tools are often lost on construction sites. With the help of the waterproof keywaa® Lost & Found-Labels you can mark your tools so that they can find their way back in case of loss. All keywaa®-Tags can be customized on request and printed with your own company logo. Via keywaa® Access Control you can allow access to construction sites or rooms via app only to employees with identification.

Pet industry

As an alternative to existing systems keywaa® Lost & Found offers the advantage that lost four-legged friends can be returned to their owners easily and directly. Because it is often the case that the furry friends are picked up in the neighborhood within walking distance. While the transport to the veterinary surgeon or to the animal home for the purpose of reading a chip means only time expenditure and stress for the animal and its owners, the possibility offers the owner directly keywaa® Lost & Found the possibility of writing directly to the owner. This is faster and, above all, more personal. From person to person.

Inhouse ordering

With the keywaa® Device Manager App, you can simplify in-house consumables ordering. All devices are marked with an keywaa®-ID. After the QR scan with the keywaa®-App, you will be offered to order the consumables available for this device, such as printer cartridges or printer paper. keywaa® collects all in-house orders and provides purchasing with an overview sorted by supplier.

Care sector

The app keywaa® Emergency Info offers the possibility to store emergency information in a data protection compliant manner and to make it available on the go. In the event of a medical emergency or disorientation, the persons concerned can be helped immediately. After confirming a security PIN, details of contact persons, place of residence, health restrictions or medications are displayed to the person providing assistance. In this way, help can be provided immediately and correctly.

Travel industry

A lot can happen on a trip and on the way to a vacation. If a suitcase doesn’t make it past the conveyor belt at the airport, or if a backpack is forgotten on the train, you’re in for a lot of trouble. keywaa® Lost & Found offers the possibility to mark suitcases, bags and backpacks anonymously. This not only keeps unwelcome visitors at home away, but also enables simple and direct dialog between finder and owner.

Access control

keywaa® Access Control is a simple access control system. Via the keywaa®-Account, you create tickets and assign specific options and validity periods to them. Users can load the tickets into their keywaa®-App and show them at the checkpoint. The ticket inspectors use the keywaa®-App to check validity and document admission, so that a ticket can only be used once.

Advertising media industry

By printing the keywaa® Lost&Found-IDs on high-quality advertising materials, these are enhanced by the functions of the keywaa® Apps enhanced. This additional benefit increases the contact quality of the advertising materials and offers advertising material manufacturers a competitive advantage.

Housing industry

Lost keys – especially from locking systems – regularly present owners and managers with major challenges. By marking keys with keywaa® Lost & Found Aluminum tags, the address reference of the key is kept secret. A finder can easily and anonymously contact the owner – this can be the apartment owner or the administrator.