For companies keywaa® ID Blocks

Use the keywaa®-System to develop your own products.

You are a manufacturer of products or promotional materials and want to add value to them? Then implement the keywaa®-Apps in your products or advertising material, for example:

  • Keychain
  • Shopping cart release
  • Suitcases & Bags
  • Bicycles & Scooters
  • Cell Phone Covers
  • Electronic items
  • Gadgets of any kind
  • and much more.

You will receive the desired ID quota including a 5-year availability guarantee for the keywaa®-Services.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities and conditions.

keywaa® ID Blocks are delivered as a data set with these properties:

  • Reserved, unregistered and activated by users in the keywaa®-Portal IDs.
  • From the date of purchase 5 years availability guarantee of the keywaa®-Portal.
  • License to produce own products according to our guidelines.

ID Blocks is a product for companies.
The following prices do not include 19% VAT.

ID Blocks-Packages

100 IDs
100,00 €
1.000 IDs
600,00 €
10.000 IDs
4.000,00 €
100.000 IDs
20.000,00 €
1.000.000 IDs
100.000,00 €