Create and edit ID

Here you can create a new keywaa®-ID and edit existing IDs. The assignment of the desired app is only possible during the creation and cannot be changed later.

  1. keywaa®-App selection
    Here you define which app is to be assigned to the ID. If a user scans the QR code of the ID, or enters the ID in the portal, this app is started. The app cannot be changed later.
  2. keywaa®-ID
    Random eight-digit IDs is always assigned for the Lost & Found app. For other Apps – depending on the app and tariff – you can define your own keywaa®-ID. IDs are unique worldwide and cannot be changed later.
  3. Internal name
    Enter a name for the ID used here, e.g. the name of an item to be marked. This name will appear later in the ID overview.
  4. Internal note
    Optionally, you can enter notes about the marked item here.
  5. App settings
    Depending on the app selection, a mask for configuring the selected app appears here. The different masks are explained separately.