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Aluminum pendant

1 piece | 50 x 29 mm

Anodized aluminum pendant size 50 x 29 mm with 3 mm hole for attaching a key ring or chain.

This item is currently out of stock and therefore can not be ordered.
We recommend the following accessories:

Tag made of anodized aluminum in the format 50 x 29 mm incl. Ø 14 mm key ring.

The keywaa aluminum tag is the ideal gadget for travel, leisure, school and work. Use this to mark your suitcases, bags, rucksacks, bicycle keys, school supplies, sports equipment and much more. so that in the event of loss, finders can quickly and easily use a QR code scan or can contact you by entering your ID to arrange the return.

Particularly suitable as:

Privacy is our top priority

  • Your name and address remain unknown.
  • Contact us via an anonymous contact form.
  • Encrypted data transmission and data storage.
  • Your identity remains secret.
  • Server location in Germany.
  • International finder portal in 16 languages.
  • No further running costs.

keywaa protects your identity

In the globally unique ID system, your identity is always kept anonymous. Your possessions can be assigned to you by the unique ID and communication takes place via anonymous system mail addresses. Your data is also stored in encrypted form in the keywaa databases.

Product features

keywaa ID:1 unique keywaa ID incl.
Thickness:approx. 1mm
Surface:black anodized
Print:CO2 laser engraving
Accessories:1 x Ø 14 mm key ring included, additional accessories can be ordered.

Note: All aluminum tags are personally made for you. The surface and the engraving are durable with normal everyday use on the keychain. However, slight scratches and signs of wear may occur during use.

Your personal ID and QR code are engraved with a CO2 laser. Thanks to the clear call to action ""Contact the owner!"" in German and English, a finder knows immediately what to do. The finder portal currently covers 16 languages ​​and can therefore be understood by every finder worldwide.

The keywaa tag requires free registration in the keywaa system. You can add it to your account after purchase. If you want to give the tag as a gift, the recipient can register in the keywaa system free of charge and activate the tag ID.

Your globally unique keywaa ID is engraved into the anodized aluminum with a CO2 laser. This creates a high-quality and durable tag for your favorite things. In the first step of the check-out you can create your own eight-digit keywaa ID with letters and numbers.

Your data is safe in the keywaa system . All data is always transmitted SSL-encrypted and your personal data is stored encrypted in the system. Your personal data will not be published and communication between you and finders will be anonymous via temporary email addresses.

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